Distinguished Window Treatments by Jeanne Candler Design

Jeanne Candler Design is dedicated to creating unique custom window treatments for interiors uniting form and function into a single concept reflecting each client's personality and style. Collaborating with acclaimed interior designers, our projects are featured in top magazines and fine homes across the nation. Working together, each vision is produced with excellent workmanship, honest attention to details and a passion for service and excellence.


Jeanne Candler, principal of Jeanne Candler Design, personally oversees each aspect of the project from the first consultation, on-site measurements and specifications, workroom production, to the final touches of every installation. Our goal is to alleviate our clients of the complexities necessary to create and implement distinguished window treatments.


Working closely with top local and international manufacturers, interior designers and homeowners, architects and developers, Jeanne Candler Design can work within any budget and timeline required. 













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